8. Provides 39.1 million followers on Weibo

8. Provides 39.1 million followers on Weibo

Wang Bu web sitesine göz atın Yibo has over 39.1 million supporters on Weibo , and is also one of the leading couple of Chinese influencers on software alongside Xiao Zhan and Wang Junkai.

9. really likes skateboarding and had his own skateboarding program

Though Wang Yibo first started mastering skateboarding through an actuality tv show called an additional test in 2019, skateboarding has be one of is own greatest passions.

The guy even founded his personal skateboarding vlog also known as aˆ? Yibo’s Skateboard class aˆ? in 2019 to talk about secrets along with his lovers. In 2020, he was appointed as China’s Skateboarding Ambassador and consistently publish skateboarding photographs on line till this very day.

10. Was a specialist bike racing

As men of many abilities and passions, Wang Yibo normally noted for being an expert bike racing. Since 2019, he’s got become an associate of Yamaha Asia Racing professionals. Then he continued to get involved in the Asia path Skating tournament in 2019 and won 1st set in the novice division.

Its fascinating observe how Yibo’s welfare can change into brand new opportunities for him – as with skateboarding, he was furthermore designated Asia’s skateboarding advertising ambassador by the Chinese federal government.

11. he is afraid of spirits and the deep

In a behind-the-scenes interview for The Untamed with BAZAAR , Yibo shared he’s afraid of ghosts in addition to darker. Even though it comes to thriller or scary motion pictures, he is afraid of all of them also.

An additional interview with Tong Dao Uncle , Yibo provided he have a particular system when it comes to asleep alone in resort rooms. The star very first needs to turn the TV onto channel CCTV5 along with it to amount degree 3 before he can drift off – a hilariously endearing routine that renders you love your even more.

12. was a brand ambassador for nearly 40 manufacturer in China

As one of Asia’s many important a-listers, it’s no wonder that Wang Yibo was a brandname ambassador for pretty much 40 brands – a massive high number of advertisements, if we can tell so ourselves.

These include luxury companies such as for instance Chanel, for which he’s the youngest Chinese brand name ambassador, to makeup companies like Shu Umera. He is also a familiar face to companies for sale in Singapore instance Miniso and Evisu.

13. introduced another tune for League of stories

On , Wang Yibo circulated a style tune called aˆ?Burn every thing Downaˆ? the group of stories World tournament 2021 last S11.

Though he’s active with work, Yibo is obviously still a child in mind. As a gamer who’s got starred this game for quite some time, he grabbed to their Weibo page to express their passion for this track cooperation.

14. Was friends with EXO’s Lay and GOT7’s Jackson

Wang Yibo can be good friends together with other famous Chinese K-pop idols including EXO’s Lay and GOT7’s Jackson. The trio met in a variety program labeled as road Dance of Asia, in which these people were party captains in period 3.

Street Dance of Asia month 4 revealed that Yibo and Lay was returning with each other, alongside Henry and Han Geng, who are ex-Super Junior members.

While followers skipped the crazy enjoyable the Wang brothers (Wang Yibo and Jackson Wang) had with each other in month 3, we are getting excited about watching a combination of fun using these captains in month 4.

15. Was a co-host of a well known Chinese range tv show called day-day Up

Wang Yibo has additionally been a co-host of a favorite Chinese assortment tv series labeled as Day Day Up since 2016. The show subject Tiantian Xiangshang (a¤©a¤©a?‘a?S) ended up being motivated by an idiom by Mao Zedong, this means aˆ?study challenging create advancement every dayaˆ?.

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