After declaring good-night to each other, Seiji off the light for the family area and went back to his own bed room.

After declaring good-night to each other, Seiji off the light for the family area and went back to his own bed room.

„Harano onii-chan, something special for everyone!“

When he returned to his area, he spotted Reo jumping outside and passing him or her a tiny surprise field.

„Thanks a ton.“ Seiji cheerfully recognized and established it up.

The modern day am a tiny dairy lotion rabbit mascot from sweetie sweets woman . It actually was associated with a line, and was actually the right length that they are installed on his or her cellular phone or their work desk as a decoration.

„i like this, this quite lovable,“ the man told her really.

The small female beamed cutely.

After thoroughly storing the little rabbit doll, Seiji deterred the lights and decided to go to rest.

Then added Reo’s psyche world.

They opened his own process and analyzed his [Gifts] selection and noticed that he had gotten most rewards from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s gifts.

After thoroughly examining all their prize things, they appear your more special one amongst these people is –

[Free abilities practices card], was given from Shika’s keepsake.

With this specific one-time-use cards, the guy should use any capability of his or her without spending a dime to him or her, without using any kind of his or her electricity or Mana, and disregarding any use constraints like many instances he would use they in a day. For example, [Light from Brink], that has been just available once daily, despite the fact that the man used it once previously, the man would use it once again on a single time by using this cards!

They got an [Invisible challenge credit] from Mika’s present.

This one-time-use card will allow him or her getting completely invisible until this individual handled some absolute monster or individual. This problem just might be preserved for no more than 2 hour, and it would be possible for people with a very high standard of [Astral eyesight] determine view him or her. If the guy attacked things dwelling while under this invisibility result, their hit’s electrical power would-be twofold, and he will be revealed afterwards.

This was basically a traditional combined some assassin techniques like „stealth“ and „backstab!“

The guy obtained a [Damage-canceling protection card] from Reo’s surprise.

Applying this one-time-card would allow your to block each one strike arriving at your and receive zero injury from this.

He had just three phrase to describe they: life-saving credit! This individual could absolutely perform pretentiously by using this to bar some enemy’s ultimate potential.

Besides these three black-jack cards, all the rest were some stat-raising business and even items that had below magnificent impacts.

Seiji gratefully acknowledged all their thoughts.

He instantly used all other stat-raising business he had obtained, which increasing his or her [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual electrical] figures respectively.

Proceeding that, he or she closed his or her technique and did start to practise growing.

After the man satisfied the progress requirement and remunerated the specified factors, Seiji mastered [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji well rested for quite a while, he then utilized the same exact method of jumping-off the ladder to depart Reo’s spirit domain.

When he woke right up, this individual have upwards lightly in order to really not just wake up Reo, got out of bed, don his jacket, and walked off their room.

He or she went on to the sitting room, and discovered that Chiaki had not been present!

Leading house ended up being available.

Seiji went outside decide the silver-haired appeal located external, gently watching evening heavens together lent fabric sheath addressing this model arms.

The accumulated snow have ended dropping nowadays, as well satellite got made an appearance. It actually was lighting almost everything with a gentle sterling silver glow.

Under this silver moon, a silver-haired girl was actually searching for with the air… this field seemed stunning and poetic to Seiji.

He or she moved up to the woman side, and silently checked the evening sky including the woman.

After a minute of quiet.

„one found me,“ Chiaki stated lightly. „I didn’t sleep together with Mika, because we assumed that i’d be incapable of sleep tonight. I ought to have actually returned residence, but Seriously failed to wish to return… therefore I could only disturb you later this evening. Well, I did wish to enjoy just what it decided to sleep on tatami rugs by a kotatsu ’s back also… at the very least, I was merely becoming willful. Excuse me for virtually any trouble I could have got ignited you.“

Seiji seemed towards this lady.

„I didn’t see items in particular, and had been only allowing you to does whilst pleased. We arrived in the middle of evening to evaluate one because i used to be nervous if you would getting frigid. I’m sure that you may feel little willful in some instances, and it is wonderful. If I thought that you had been expressing a thing irrational, I would comment on it. Easily believed that you used to be doing things irrational, I would prevent you in my iron fists of fairness. As well as on then the other fingers, given that I do not envision the something irrational, let me work together with you, or give you some help, or escort one.“

Seiji beamed carefully. „Thus, that is why you mustn’t apologize, nor shed yourself a lot of in loneliness… The expression of a girl result from a catastrophe facts shouldn’t suit your style anyway, Chiaki.“

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