Here arrives the newest bride-to-be escorted by their unique girlfriends exactly who holdan embroidered coverlet – bolimpush over their lead

Here arrives the newest bride-to-be escorted by their unique girlfriends exactly who holdan embroidered coverlet – bolimpush over their lead

In your house of betrothed girl additionally there is good plov service, this time around for females – neighbors, members of the family and bride’s girlfriends. And furthermore, the new plov should be created from the constituents lead from the groom’s family. In a number of aspects of Uzbekistan, in Fergana area in particular, it’s vintage on the groom’s nearest and dearest to take towards good special barrow a great cauldron having recently-ready plov on the bride’s home.

The newest bride’s lead are adorned which have a distinctive gilded openwork kokoshnik tillya-kosh with a lot of pendants

The next day the bridegroom, their family and household members accompanied by the latest designers to play new doyra and you may surnay started to the fresh new bride’s domestic so you can greet their particular mothers. Becoming already outfitted the newest fiance is actually pregnant the brand new groom inside the the business from their girlfriends. But not, the difficulty had has just altered and you will nowadays not merely community girls, but also those individuals residing the town choose the Uzbek old-fashioned attire regarding a bride. In Tashkent and you will Fergana nations the latest bride-to-be try putting on an excellent light cotton dress or a gown created from khan-atlas also an stitched sleeveless jacket, a silk putting on a costume dress or an excellent velvet silver-stitched camisole. It is covered with good gauzy veil to cover up the latest bride’s deal with away from indiscreet stares. Out-of in top discover noticeable velvet otherwise cotton broad jeans hemmed with a keen embroideredband – djiyak. Into the Khoresm the latest bride to be is supposed to placed on an extended tunic-like silk dress out-of pink or light color, a dark-red unbuttoned dressing up outfit and red broad shorts. It dresses is actually supplemented that have up-toed sneakers and you can an excellent headdress takya-duzi when it comes to good conic-designed cap. From inside the Surkhandarya area brides put-on reddish dresses into marriage service.

A great amount of jewelry complementing the latest bride’s clothing aren’t simply joyful jewelry, but have secret and you will ritual relevance. Towards wedding for the first time inside her lifestyle this new bride-to-be places towards rings, bracelets and you may a nostrils-ring representing marital fidelity. At all times the fresh forehead adornments linked because of the organizations have been believed a type of safety against the worst eye as well as amulet-instances – cancers.

Brand new bride’s area try adorned having suzanes, the their unique attires dangling on it. In one place of one’s area bride’s family – a wedded partners who’s got resided an extended and you can happy life – plan good curtain – chimilik adorned having stunning embroidery on the a couple of edges trimmed which have white fabric. On one side of the curtain they hang a solid wood scoop and you will a knife, on the other side – hot yellow pepper. Depending on the ancient religion, a knife likes another type of nearest and dearest which have a beginning regarding a daring and you can daring young man; a scoop augurs a birth off an effective daughter smukke kvinder Cambodja – an excellent family-keeper. And pepper protects the fresh joy out of a young couples resistant to the evil attention.

The current bride is generally dressed in a marvelous white dress that have a train, a cap having a veil and you can light gloves

It presents a pleasurable „roof“ in-marriage. The fresh fiance was brought trailing chimilik. This woman is followed by this new bridegroom. The guy procedures behind the fresh new curtain with the accompaniment from smiling musical. His family try moving as much as. A reputable more mature lady begins understanding a true blessing prayer towards more youthful few and all of those within the room subscribe her throughout the prayer.

So you’re able to push aside worst spirits elderly people feminine that have lit candle lights within hands walking round the place curtained which have chimilik 3 times, whereas the fresh groom additionally the bride to be sit into the on the good blanket – kurpacha created from multiple-coloured items of towel. After that honey are brought. The fresh new groom should preference they basic then have to the bride-to-be together with own give so as that the subsequent lifestyle would-be sweet. Then they provide a mirror, which had been not used in advance of of the others. The young few is select each other contained in this echo. Up coming brand new bridegroom leaves on the a watch otherwise a wristband for the bride’s wrist. Ahead of the more youthful few it laya content – dastarkhan, in addition to created from brief pieces of towel, that is considered render prosperity toward household. Chocolate and you can flat desserts are positioned to your dastarkhan.

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