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Whether you are a rookie or a pro, our round-up of best Sudoku Games for iPhone and iPad will help everyone find a suitable match. We then selected the highest quality apps from the 1,220 apps listed. We compared the number of stars, downloads, and reviews along with the velocity of these apps to create a list of the Best Sudoku Games for both Android & iOS. Finally, our editorial team checks all apps in our best 10 list one by one to make sure these apps are of the highest quality. Sudoku is a game that is a puzzle where you have to place numbers in the correct space. Also, we’re going to apologize right now for the fact that most of these apps are called “Sudoku,” rather than something more imaginative.

  • In order to make the Hall of Fame times fair, if you use a time-saving feature your solve-time will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Also included is an Import/Export function, so if you change phones you can save all your progress to the memory card, and move it to your new phone.
  • Let us assume that the candidates in the red cells are the sole candidates for those cells.
  • Good Sudoku turns your iOS device into an AI powered Sudoku genius whose only mission is to help you learn and love this classic game.
  • The website is continuously updated with new Sudoku puzzles, so there will always be fresh Sudoku puzzles for you to solve.
  • 4 various modes and 3 difficulty levels will provide you with brain training for hours.

Sudoku Adventure is an interesting APK Games DLD Sudoku game for Windows, which is designed in the form of a story. She got trapped in an alien ship and the only way to escape from the ship is to solve Sudoku puzzles. Help Amy to solve Sudoku puzzles, so that she could return to her home safely. Try to solve each Sudoku puzzle within the minimum possible time.

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2048 is a classic puzzle where you try to match and combine the same numbers to reach 2048 as fast as possible. The game’s premise looks simple but trust me, it gets harder as you get to the higher number. The game has 12 different modes and the user interface is clean and smooth. Math Riddles and Puzzles game is specifically designed to test your IQ and improve your math skills with mental tricks. PlayMind Math Game is mainly designed to make you practice math and basic arithmetic by doing mental calculations.

If you enjoy working towards a goal like this, Gardenscapes will allow you to fix up a garden. The free Food Network in the Kitchen app has a wealth of recipes, great video instructions for cooking, and loads of other food-focused content. The recipes are easy to read, with a card-style layout that gives you essential information, such as total cooking time and difficultly level, quickly.

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There is a step-by-step tutorial mode for the new learners and the colors only mode for experts is sure to tickle your brains and skills. What makes it different from other apps is the space themed design and clean user interface for easy access. There are hundreds of uncommon puzzles with auto-save feature and three hints per puzzle for progress. Sudoku from Volcano Entertainment is a large application that offers more than 15,000 puzzles that you can complete on eight levels of difficulty.

Highlight regions – When this function is enabled, each time you click a cell, it will immediately highlight the row, column, and region associated with that cell. This helps to see all numbers and locations affecting this cell. When you start to solve a Sudoku puzzle, a part of it is already filled with numbers.

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