How come being able to access directories best operate whenever I are the trailing „/“ (for example

How come being able to access directories best operate whenever I are the trailing „/“ (for example

Once you access a directory site without a trailing „/“, Apache must deliver what is known as a redirect to your clients to share with it to provide the trailing slash. If it wouldn’t do so, comparative URLs would not work effectively. Whenever it sends the redirect, it must understand term associated with host so it range from it within the redirect. There’s two ways for Apache tsdates to get this completely; either it can imagine, or you can tell they. If the DNS was configured correctly, it could usually imagine without having any difficulties. If it’s not, however, then you need to tell they.

Additional thing that will occasionally bring this symptom is actually a misunderstanding with the Alias directive, creating an alias dealing with a trailing slash, and not without one. The Alias directive is very exact, and aliases everything you determine they to. Check out the appropriate sample:

  • Alias /example/ /home/www/example/

The above mentioned directive creates an alias for URLs you start with /example/, but does not alias URLs you start with /example. That is to say, a URL such will get the required information, but a URL including will result in a „file maybe not found“ mistake.

  • Alias /example /home/www/example

Why doesn’t mod_info listing any directives?

The mod_info module allows you to utilize a web site internet browser observe just how the host is configured. On the list of information it shows may be the range of segments as well as their configuration directives. The „latest“ principles when it comes to directives aren’t always that from the run host; they have been extracted from the configuration files by themselves during the demand. In the event that data files have-been altered ever since the server got latest reloaded, the display cannot complement the prices definitely in use. In the event the data plus the way to the records commonly understandable by the individual as that the servers are running (begin to see the User directive), then mod_info cannot read all of them to be able to write their own values. An entry are built in the mistake log in this occasion, however.

My personal .htaccess documents are overlooked.

This will be always due to the AllowOverride directive getting put improperly when it comes to service involved. In case it is set to not one after that .htaccess files will not actually looked for. This is certainly a very important thing. When you yourself have accessibility change the httpd.conf, you shouldn’t incorporate .htaccess documents, ever before. If for example the clients create require help for .htaccess, make sure AllowOverride is defined to things practical (i.e.: Not All The). Be sure they covers the service you may be attempting to use the .htaccess file in. This is normally attained by ensuring really within the appropriate Directory container.

Possible determine if it’s your problem with the addition of nonsense book towards .htaccess file and reloading the page. If you don’t bring a server mistake, subsequently Apache httpd just isn’t reading their .htaccess document.

Exactly why do I have a „Forbidden“ message whenever we just be sure to access a particular index?

  • The underlying file program permissions do not allow the User/Group under which Apache are working to get into the required files; or
  • The Apache arrangement has some accessibility constraints in place which forbid accessibility the documents.

Why do my personal data come properly in web browser, but appear as origin or trigger a save windows with Netscape; or, how doesn’t Internet Explorer render my personal text/plain data properly?

MS ie (MSIE) and Netscape deal with mime means discovery in different ways, and as a consequence will show the document in different ways. In particular, IE often relies on the file extension and/or belongings in the document to ascertain the mime kind. This could possibly occur as soon as the machine determine a mime sort of application/ or text/plain. This actions violates the the HTTP traditional and makes it impractical to deliver ordinary book records to MSIE people oftentimes. More details are available on MSIE’s mime sort discovery behavior in an MSDN article and an email by Alan J. Flavell.

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