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You can be attacked during this period, but you will not be able to teleport away. Also, some of the top players discuss strategy etc in Line groups. These titles enable you to have more cities in your realm.

  • It would be unpleasant to get hit while you are buying stamina with your troops in the keep.
  • The detail and sense of scale are both staggering, and yet, rather than overwhelming readers with the sheer amount of information, Tolkien’s stories are engaging.
  • If you have 20% and 22% for anything, even sub construction speed or troop load or whatever.
  • War hall is never more than 2(?) levels different(+/-) than the embassy.
  • Resources are used to build buildings and cook troops.
  • In addition, that is not enough strength to attack the gold .

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Hi, I think mounted speed is a good skill to use. It won’t let your cavs “run under the arrows” but there’s a pretty good chance they reach their targets 1 turn sooner, meaning they endure 1 turn less of fire. Refer to the previous section and select the best possible final items for your Ranged, Mounted, Ground, Wall, or whatever general. If one of those is an Ares item, and you can build it, feel free to refine it. Weapons, Helmets, and Leg Armor can be refined for gathering speed. You should enhance what the item is already good at.

Walls and other buildings also require it. Resources are used to build buildings and cook troops. Sometimes there are support rules that come into play regarding whether your troops will starve. Currently the understanding is your troops will NOT starve if you run out of food. Continue to hit monsters for the hero experience. It is very important to level up your heroes, especially your main attack hero.

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Shajar al-Durr is a Premium general, so she is hard to obtain. If you read this page are lucky enough to get her, keep her on the wall for a hefty resource production bonus. Make sure to keep your bubble up, because she’s not designed to take a hit! Switch to your regular defense general when it’s time for PvP. Which is obviously super important if you plan on getting higher level and stronger. These categories are separate from each other, because generals in them fulfill different purposes, or roles.

Stating what level and how many is needed and why. If it is a resource tile per level 6, you can get it in about 1 ~ 2 hours, and you can get it about 70% of the time. It is better to gather them in several units in a short period of time. Gold is easy to get during double boss event. I could easily clear 70mil-100mil gold a day with 5 marches out hitting gobs.

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