Innovative marketing and sales communications.Web and telecommunications treatments, ICIN, Bordeaux, 8-11 October 2007.

Innovative marketing and sales communications.Web and telecommunications treatments, ICIN, Bordeaux, 8-11 October 2007.

Reviews on cellular and web personal interaction providers.

Web and telecom solutions, ICIN, Bordeaux, 8-11 Oct 2007

At Saint-Emillion using my co-worker Lam Nguyen (just who teaches traditional SS7 at ENST) and Alex Vorbau whom originates from online services design at HP Labs.

We went to the ICIN meeting on intelligence in networks. As among the better Bordeaux wines, it now an 18-years function of “classic telecoms”. But 2007 was actually an innovation test while the congress combined experience coming from IN fame period with innovative Web 2.0 mash-ups. It had been very wonderful observe the old protect progresses and in actual fact brings ideas to mix the very best of both worlds. In accordance with these types of optimism, we demonstrably commemorated the French gastronomy, sampling a mixture of older grand-crus and new wines.Key things

  • Online architectures as yahoo are much more scalable than IMS
  • Online providers could be interfaced with telecom sites and IMS
  • Client software program is vital in all situation : Java JSR 281 is just one method
  • HP Conversa is an easy exemplory case of internet 2.0 to correspondence treatments, we offered a lot more IMS focused demos (instantaneous team communications) thus performed several other presenters.

There’s a broker within the web . the name is GoogleRoberto Minerva, from telecommunications Italia Lab kicked down along with his horizon on Google vs. IMS architectures “comparing apples and oranges”. The guy performed a good task to wow all of us making use of tech and frighten you using businesses models. In an overview Google is

Google formulas to estimate the value of a webpage happened to be at first expressed in “The structure of an extensive Hypertextual internet Search Engine”, Sergey Brin and Lawrence web page

(PageRank of page n is the amount of PageRank of pages directed to it , broken down by L(n) the sum total wide range of out coming website links from web page letter. q may be the probability the users will renders the page without clicking any of these backlinks )

Google monetizes web page positions with brokerage to advertisers (advertising sense was illustrated right here) . Nevertheless the clear direction is always to relocate to step-by-step subscriber visibility management to improve ARPU making use of info from : sugar dad

Cellular phone video clip in a community-based online service My peers April Slayden Mitchell, Mitchell Trott from horsepower laboratories were providing Conversa, a social electric allowing movie conversations. The HP OpenCall group led a mobile video screen to the service. Alex Vorbau gave a good example of HP studies mixing online enablers and telecommunication features. On top of that, Conversa contact social and usability areas of multimedia services.Alex Vorbau speech at ICIN 2007

Ecommerce exchange validationI delivered a conversation paper on fees purchases with telecommunications enablers co-authored with my peers Dominique Sandraz , Paul Serra and Antoni Drudis. This might be operate in-progress but the original goal was to research possible need cases comprise vocals authentication and activation could aid e-payment. We noticed this might be relevant in region with reduced literacy and PC penetration. As an example cellular cash transfers tend to be well-known in Zambia and Bangladesh in which Paypal could’nt become an option. Is all of our work-in-progress strategies :


IMS Strategies, October 2007

I attended Informa IMS tips 2007, Dusseldorf, October 4

IMS may be the ultimate goal but Open Origin can make it realKarl Heinz Van Der Made, Director of solutions, KPN Netherlands provided the IMS provider encounters, using the soon after number of solutions implemented:

10 VoIP8 main suppliers7 stove pipes4 industrial services2 video2 wholesale2 circle PBX1 Mobile1 cool brand new solutions next lifestyle

IMS could be the Holy Grail: the ROI for migrating to an IMS center network is not here as sound remains really the only volume provider. There clearly was little appreciate in converged voiced services : who would buy caller ID on TV? KPN provides implemented pre-IMS or partial-IMS services and products from 3 sellers together with to manage interoperability problem.

KPN current improvements aim at replicating the innovation from online service providers (Skype). They seems IMS best whenever including smaller programs integrators with available supply elements eg OpenSER, Asterisk, together with Open IMS from Fokus. They wish to supply close integration with non-voice service such as MSN I am, appeal, LBS.

Prolonged appeal for rich communicationsI introduced just how horsepower put Jabber XCP to cultivate a rich team correspondence solutions in addition to IMS. The XCP server try reached from the device clients software making use of XMPP (RFC 3920 and 3921)for :

  • Fellow to Fellow or team immediate chatting
  • Tracking of instantaneous content
  • Position facts and consent

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