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Buying with cash will make the process go quicker because you won’t need to go through the approval process with a lender, who would also request an appraisal. While today’s market is likely already giving your client’s house a boost in value, making sure it’s in tip-top shape when you go to sell will take it to the next level. This could cause a potential client to feel like they need to sit tight in their current home and not put it on the market. In the end, though, this means you have one less buyer to work with and they potentially lose out on their dream home. “I lost out with my buyers because someone totally overpaid,” said Watt.

Victoria Shaheen and Barrera, her agent, put her house up for sale on a Thursday night last summer. Showings started Friday for the three-bedroom, 2½-bathroom house in Northeast San Antonio. Department of Veterans Affairs do not require a down payment if the sales price is not above the home’s appraised value.

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The seller’s primary goal was to quickly sell the house with no loose ends. The seller did not have the luxury of a failed or delayed closing. The final sale price was secondary to their primary goal of a trouble-free closing. One mistake I recently Bid Wars 2 for Android made on a property was to assume that if I met all of the seller’s goals, the seller would agree to sell me the home. Despite offering above asking, in cash, with just one contingency, the seller opted to sit on my offer waiting for a better one.

Get free, objective, performance-based recommendations for top real estate agents in your area. During the first two weeks, you should expect your agent to execute a multi-platform marketing blitz to promote your home locally and on the web. She scheduled a few other agents on her team to cover the open house in 3-hour shifts on Friday and Saturday so as people shopped at the moving sale, they also had the chance to tour the house right then and there. You’ve been replaced with the much trendier “moving sale,” a marketing event that you can pair cleverly with an open house.

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Kenzo Teves, a 24-year-old business analyst for a pharmaceutical company, decided to start shopping for his first house this spring, because interest rates were so low. He had money saved for a down payment and was secure in his job — factors he thought would help him find a home near Boston. The home inspection process can present issues in a transaction.

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  • A tight supply of houses is a driving factor, coupled with the desirability of the mountain region for both locals and newcomers — and sometimes investors.
  • “Most metropolitan areas in Texas have recorded strong increases in both sales and median price.

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