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Replace the old battery with a new one and reenter the CMOS settings. If the battery caused the CMOS Checksum Bad Error, the problem should be solved. A checksum is computed as an error detecting code to guard the BIOS settings stored in the CMOS memory.

  • If an error occurs or the computer locks up at this point, the default BIOS information has become corrupted.
  • That is, if we press the F1 key what we will do is restart our computer so that generally the problem will not be solved and we will end up in the same error.
  • Some features of the tool may not be available at this time.

To fix it you may have to reset it to its default settings, as we have discussed above. The BIOS update may also not go as smoothly due to a power cut or other reasons, in which cases the BIOS may also get corrupted and the computer won’t boot.

CMOS Battery may not be functioning properly. Computer users frequently encounter CMOS Checksum Bad Error for many reasons. This error may be frustrating, but the good part is that it can be solved easily. There are very few reasons for the CMOS Checksum Bad Error, hence they can be handled effectively. The CMOS Checksum Error is a problem which affects users of many different Windows versions and it often appears out of nowhere. The problem appears during the BIOS boot screen and it prevents your computer from loading the operating system at all.

Multiple people have posted that it worked, and said thanks. Windows Key, regedit, shift-right click it and click run as administrator. Are you logged into Windows with an Administrator account? If not, you may need to run regedit as an administrator. I agree with the system restore point ANY TIME you make a tweak to the registry. I think the safe-mode is a bit overkill but a system restore point for sure.

We will never point you to any hacks that we haven’t tested ourselves, but it still pays to be careful. If you’ve never worked with the Registry before, consider reading about how to use the Registry Editor before you get started. And definitelyback up the Registry(and your computer!) before making changes. If you’ve used Registry Editor before, it’ll open up to the same location you were working in last time. Open Registry Editor this way in any version of Windows that uses the registry, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

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Open the computer case and find the CMOS battery attached to the computer’s motherboard. If you are unable to find your CMOS battery, refer to your motherboard or computer documentation.

The problem may be caused by an outdated BIOS of your computer. That means that you will have to update your BIOS to be compatible with the hardware and with the Windows operating system. The only problem is that this update is somewhat delicate and you should not make mistakes during it as it can destroy your computer. You can run a few tests, but chances are you won’t be able to do much except contacting a professional or replacing the motherboard.

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To paste into the command prompt field, right click and select Paste. You might want to note that you MAY need to adjust the registry permissions of the key if it doesn’t let you delete it. My SYSTEM account did not have full rights but i checked the checkbox and added it for each key, then deleted them. Click the Browse button and look for regedit.exe which is normally located in the Windows folder, or simply type regedit into the box.

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