Lol well I’ve been accused of lots of things but SEO recognition is a first

Lol well I’ve been accused of lots of things but SEO recognition is a first

Does the jerk comment apply to all the other locals that commented in agreement on this thread too, or just me. Hilo is a great place and I’m glad you’ve found peace

I think for some, statements of observation or fact can come off as negative. We can all assume many reasons why, but I just had to say…Peter is clearly doing a service by having honest public dialogue about far off places that many dream of coming too. If everyone thinks the world is rainbows and their responsibility to keep it that way, we will stop seeing real rainbows. Kathleen’s comments seemed to indicate more that she skimmed and found some non-positive phrases more than she read fully and gave in depth feedback. It would be cool to see her well thought out and invested blog on Hawaii for comparison.

I stopped reading halfway down this page in my search for a “comment” button because, well, my eyebrow just can’t go further up my forehead without pain and maybe surgery

I absolutely plan to resurrect this reply cause it should be said but I gotta jet. Still I had to send you a note and a hug even if you don’t need it, because, well– sheezus!

And if you’re offended by this list, you know and I know that it has nothing to do with this list.

You need someone to talk to, shoot me a note, I do regressions and all kinds of self-illuminating paths to growth. We press this link now can uncover your hidden hurt before it continues to spread. Haven’t you seen The Never-Ending Story? Sadness kills. #word

*sigh* With the easy option of anonymity that digital communication arms people with, it’s just crazy how quickly- and deeply- offended people decide to get. It’s as if they’ve been fooled into thinking that they are obligated to read and associate with words that were not addressed to them or anyone in particular.

I mean, loss

Between you and me – I think this age of social media has created an epidemic that I’ve dubbed “WAMAMO” or “What About Me And My Opinion (or Offense).” Add to that my observation of a marked decline in senses of humor that don’t require bashing or whining to fall on the smiling side of the scale and you have a good idea of why it’s super easy for me to not check my FB or any other social media for days at a time. I use my phone for important things like Peak and 94% and Covet. HAHA!

I mean, it sounds like you’ve got tough skin and a very well-balanced disposition in the face of the wide-spread epidemic, but as a bonafide local with not so tough skin but a disposition that makes up for it, take it from me– anyone complaining about this list has issues that have nothing to do with you. This list is not only accurate, but well-written.

I had originally intended to simply send you my virtual “Two Big High Fives” because yours is the ONLY list I’ve ever read (and I’ve read SO many) that I completely agree with – dude, you are the first one to mention road trips!! That’s one of my top 3 canons for anyone from the mainland who says something along the lines of “feel sorry for you? you got to grow up in paradise!”: I like to hit them first with the cost of a gallon of milk or my average of $200 a week in groceries – sans alcohol! But my piece de resistance is the unexpected blow of the “it must’ve been so awesome to just be able to jump in a car with your friends and take a trip to another state- hell, another country,” which I invariably pair with a very convincing puppy dog imitation-ish facial expression. HAHA! Road trip for the win!

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