Suzuki Quadrunner 4?4 ATV: Complete Review and Specifications

Suzuki Quadrunner 4?4 ATV: Complete Review and Specifications

The Suzuki Quadrunner helped reinvent the ATV business. This four-wheeler started an activity from risky all-terrain rounds and effectively founded Suzuki as an innovation commander. Subsequently, brands international bring then followed match, leading to one brilliant design after another. This pattern greatly gained consumers and affected the archetypal structure of athletics ATVs and utility cars.

The Suzuki Quadrunner started the industrys shift to four-wheeled ATVs when you look at the 1980s. Its durable design, electronic ignition, and all-terrain functionality made it a massive achievement available in the market. It had been the quintessential game-changer, with attributes balanced between features and recreation cycling.

Keep reading and find out more about the Suzuki Quadrunners specs featuring, downsides, solutions, and answers to frequently asked questions. Moreover, understand how this four-wheeler provides impacted the whole ATV markets becoming what it is nowadays.

Reinventing the ATV Markets

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Suzuki released initial four-wheeled ATV in 1983 making use of the Suzuki LT125D Quadrunner (also known as the Suzuki Quadrunner 125). This model ended up being marketed alongside the ALT125 ATC between 1983 and 1987 and presented a well-planted four-wheel frame, an electric powered begin program, and reverse, which were Lexington women dating unusual privileges during the early 80s. Balloon wheels and a thick, smooth chair worked as opposed to a suspension. It had been certainly Suzukis milestone motors additionally the to begin Four rims.

Producer created 20 items and six-speed tuition during its five-year production run, like the Suzuki Quadrunner LT50 youth ATV additionally the LT300EH Quadrunner. These versions could drive on numerous areas, including dirt, hills, and deserts. Bigger motor systems were applied for farm operate, forestry, and walk biking. High-performance and rushing quads furthermore originated in this four-wheeler. In 1985, Suzuki released the LT250R Quadracer, a sport ATV with a lengthier vacation suspension system, a liquid-cooled two-stroke motor, and handbook sign. Honda used in the same way per year afterwards using popular TRX250R Fourtrax.

With its best season of production, Suzuki revealed the 1987 Suzuki Quadrunner 250 4?4 (LT-4WD), which provided consumers with terrain-conquering capacity that has beennt contained in previous systems. The drive program let the rider to choose between 2WD and 4WD methods. They showcased a front differential lock that allowed the automobile to crawl regarding any condition. The QuadRunner 4WD has also been beautifully made with an engine setup and fuel container position that triggered comfy, low seat peak, and equipped with large and reasonable percentages that managed to get big on tight-fitting tracks.

Suzuki Quadrunner LT160E 4?4 Features & Features

Listed below are specifications and features associated with the Suzuki Quadrunner 160e for scale (the specifications for the 1983 LT125D model can be elusive, and also this 1989 unit may be the nearest into the earliest models proportions):

  • Engine The Quadrunner is powered by a four-stroke, air-cooled dual-valve engine with single overhead cams. It’s got a bore-stroke proportion of 58 mm x 60 mm. The engines displacement try 158-cc (the LT125 had 124-cc), and its particular compression proportion are 9.2:1. Fuel container ability, like reserve gasoline, are 2.2 gallons/8.5 liters (2 gallons/7.6 liters when it comes to LT125) and it is sent by a Mikuni carburetor. It’s a Polyurethane foam air cleanser and a wet sump lubrication system.
  • Drivetrain electricity is inspired by a five-speed semi-automatic foot-shift sign plus a reverse accessories. Moving try completed by a wet multi-plate, automated, centrifugal kind clutch. It has an RK520SM drive chain (420 chain your LT125).
  • Ignition The Quadrunner uses a CDI electronic ignition with a power output of 8.3 kW (11.1 horsepower) at 7,000 RPM. Moreover it provides a three-phase A.C. creator system. You can keep your battery in tip-top shape utilizing a NOCO Genius G26000 Pro-Series Battery Charger and Maintainer (view on Amazon).
  • Tires leading tires were 20?7-8 Dunlop AT221 tubeless wheels, even though the backside tires with 22?10-8 Dunlop AT221 tires (22?11-8 for LT125). The vehicles wheelbase was 42.1 inches, therefore weighs 341 pounds this can match completely at the back of your own vehicle.
  • Brakes The LT125 utilized a right-hand managed side drum braking system system with no backside braking system. The LT160e back and front drum brakes.
  • Suspension The 1983 product didn’t come with suspension system top or rear, along with bump managing achieved by their low-pressure tires. But the LT160e had a front swing shaft, coil spring season, oil-damped separate suspension, a swing-arm, coil spring, and oil-damped rear suspension system.
  • Sizes the general length try 63.4 in, while the width is actually 38.8 inches. The height from surface is approximately 39.4 in; chair height try 28.5 inches. The wheelbase are 42.1 inches. Its floor clearance is 5.3 in (these proportions have actually

In which may be the VIN on a Suzuki Quadrunner?

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