There’s a sculpture of YueMi at the Depletion Creation, given that TianQi place it indeed there when she died

There’s a sculpture of YueMi at the Depletion Creation, given that TianQi place it indeed there when she died

The 3 lead dragon discovers him or her, and QingMu and you can JingJian endeavor it. QingMu flaunts their epic fighting event. (epic fighting songs comes in)

QingMu’s spiritual blood vessels is actually ruined, and you can HouChi seats nearly all their capability to QingMu, wishing to save your

[Ep 27] QingMu requires to mention off the involvement between your and you will JingZhao. MuGuang agrees to name it off. However, because of their poison, he faints if you are hugging HouChi.

Merely good God’s stamina can help to save QingMu today. The sole option is WuHuan. HouChi would go to ask WuHuan to store QingMu. Whenever you are HouChi is attempting locate a solution, QingMu arrives. They both log off, and you will go to the North-sea, and has now a cute absolutely nothing time here.

HouChi goes toward the brand new Pilgrimage Hallway (that has been ShangGu’s palace), where MuGuang is, in order that she you’ll encourage your to fix QingMu. But there is a buffer inside the Hall, incase you aren’t strong enough, you happen to be killed. She almost passes away, but FengRan involves save yourself their. HouChi effortlessly experiences the brand new burden, and you will recalls moments out-of ShangGu’s lifestyle.

FengRan and additionally almost becomes deceased, however, JingJian relates to conserve the lady (it’s simply a loop away from “you save me personally, We help save you” etcetc) . He together with confesses that he loves FengRan.

HouChi blows your, in which he pretends it hurts, however when she monitors new injury, Qingmu draws the girl for the a hug

MuGuang has already started meditation, very HouChi should use the lady spiritual capacity to keep in touch with him, but she has really low spiritual stamina, so she faints. The new Pilgrimage Hallway picked HouChi as it’s proprietor and you can she remembers enough ShangGu’s thoughts.

FengRan tells JingJian one to she understands that their confession yesterday is actually just to save her, and therefore she would not bother him once they return to QingChi castle.

HouChi gets doing Qingmu, and you will QingMu nourishes the lady some soups. He promises to suit their 3 x day, for the next twenty thousand decades or so.

JingZhao goes toward find HouChi and you may tells the lady regarding the just who in reality stored QingMu. She says to HouChi just who in fact saved QingMu, but QingMu happens and you may converts you to statement off.

[Ep 29] MuGuang arrangements with the providing his or her own dragon key to store JingZhao. If he does this, you will find a big chance he will pass away. However, WuHuan tells your that when the guy doesn’t want is an adverse boy, she can become theif, and you may push QingMu to help you suffer the fresh new 49 lightning influences locate the fresh new dragon core back at the the girl birthday celebration.

QingMu and HouChi keep hands and you can head into WuHuan’s party. HouChi plans into the providing JingZhao the lady dragon key, to make certain that QingMu will not perish. not, she doesn’t have you to. Very so you’re able to offer JingZhao this lady dragon center, QingMu is willing to go through the forty-two lightning strikes. HouChi are willing to glance at the lightning that have your.

We come across GuJun into very first time because the ShangGu is reincarnated! He could be lower than an extremely high weird forest meditating, and then he wakes right up.

[Ep 31] HouChi and QingMu is each other about to die in the lightning. Just after HouChi faints, QingMu puts right up a buffer and holds the fresh new super influences. For some reason, QingMu wakes up. However, QingMu needs to suffer 32 even more lightning impacts, as he will get an excellent demigod.

GuJun in addition to appears as WuHuan involved in order to hurt HouChi. (OMG He Looks So Royal And you will Effective) He tells everybody else you to WuHuan isn’t HouChi’s mother. QingMu requests for wedding which have HouChi, however, GuJun turns him off, long lasting.

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